Telkom SA SOC / installation of new line, transferred to richards bay from postmasburg

Richards Bay, ZA

Complaint sent on behalf of my son : -

[removed].. I had 2 lines, one currently in Glenhills, Durban, and a second one I had transferred from Postmasburg to Jakkalsdraai St, Richards Bay. My line in Postmasburg was cancelled immediately when I asked, and the Richards Bay Line was installed on 23rd October by an S Govender. To date, the line installation has not been finalised. I am still sitting without a line. I was told that TELKOM had run out of cables. Have you ever heard such a sorry excuse? We phone and phone, make contact on the Telkom Facebook page, only to be told every time that the call is escalated. How long does it take to escalate a call? Either the staff is inefficient, or Telkom cannot afford to buy the cable to finish the installation? How about I make a deal with you. You give me the cable, maybe I can do my own installation? Guys I need my line installed and activated. This service is very poor. What Telkom seems to forget is that us, the customers, are the reason you have a job. We contribute to your monthly salaries, and yet it does not seem to phase you at all. How are you expecting to get a larger clientele base if your services are so crap? I have been waiting now a month.. I would sincerely appreciate a decent answer instead of been told the matter is been escalated. I trust I will get a reply to this email.

Nov 22, 2017

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