Telkom SA SOCfaulty phone delivered and delayed repair services from telkom

I ordered a phone online with Telkom mobile. The iPhone 7 which the contract amounts to R 699 per month for the free me 1 gig. The phone was delivered to me on the 16th of november 2016. I opened the box, switched on the phone then the battery was low and tried to charge it it would not charge. Decided that maybe it needed to be charged for up to 10 hours and left it on the charger. The next morning the phone still would not switch on, I called the customer care line who then informed me to take it to the nearest Telkom store.

I took the phone to Northgate Mall on the 17th of November 2016. I was helped by a lady called Keabetswe at the store, where we deactivated our iCloud the same day together and Keabetswe showed us (my common law spouse and I) that she is putting the phone into the courier box and the phone will be sent to repairs the same day, she also informed me that it would take 7 to 14 days till I get my phone and they will contact me as soon as it is back, this was all within less than 24 hours since the phone was delivered to me.I received a text with the following reference number on the same day of submitting the phone: TRJ029594

14 days then turned into a month and I had not heard anything from Telkom regarding the phone. All recievedt was another text which informed me that my phone was booked on the 20th of December with the Reference number: TRJ 031404. This is a month now gone.

After receiving this text in December I then decided to go to the store as soon as I got back to Johannesburg which was on the 27th of December. I went to the store to inquire about my phone as this was very concerning. I was helped by a gentleman whose name I can't recall off, he tried to call the repairs company and there was no answer, he then promised to try them and he will call me back with more information as soon as they answer their phone. He called me the next morning only to inform me that at the repairs company said that they are closed for holidays and would only be able to assist me on the 8th of january 2017. This is even after I submitted the phone to the Telkom store on the 17th of November. As a paying customer I was not happy about this at all.

Only on the 10th of January 2017 did I receive a text which stated that my phone has been allocated to a repair centre with the reference number TRJ: 034706. My phone was only located to the repair centre when I brought the phone in on the 17th of november which is just almost 2 months of me having to live without a phone.

On the 11th of January I received another which stated that my phone is dispatched back to the store and will be delivered in the next 4 days. On the 16th of January I received a call from the telkom store which I was hoping that it would be the phone only to get a call that I needed to deactivate my apple account from the phone which I did do with Kea the day which I submitted the phone which was the 17th of November 2016. I have not gone to collect the phone as I feel that I am treated very unfairly by Telkom regarding the cellphone contract I have with them. Ive paid for up to two moths now on the phone I have not yet seeing the device.

My statements state that I pay a device subscription fee of R600 every month, I am paying for a device which I held for even less than 24 hours due to a fault with the phone. I do not have a phone also because Telkom does not offer loan phones, I cannot use my Telkom sim card because I do not have a phone to put it in. I am highly disappointed in Telkoms very bad service, I also regret my decision of choosing to have a cellphone contract with Telkom mobile and do not feel valued at all by Telkom.

I have attached a copy of the delivery note and the receipt given to me on the 17th of November at the Northgate Telkom Store. The original signed delivery note is with the courier company.

Jan 24, 2017

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