Telkom SA SOC / false promise on buying of data package

Witbank Johannesburg, South Africa

During September 2016 I was contacted by a Noniko about a new data package which was launched according to him only hours earlier. It was a 25 gig day and 25 gig night data bundle which included a wifi modem. After a discussion this package was bought for the amount of R299.99 per month. When I eventually received my first account it was for R573.50. I immediatly queried the amount and it was for part of September October 2016 dated 01 Oct 2016. The account stated that I bought a 10 gig Smartbroadband Wireless + 5 gig Telkom Data + HUAWEI B315 to the amount of R299.00 per month which was incorrect. After numerous transfers I eventually was able to lodge a complaint no: [protected] at 081180 Customer Care. They informed me that they will listen to the recording. Up to January 2017 no feedback was received. After numerous calls in January 2017 even after talking to a supervisor Thebogo I was informed that I they could do nothing about the situation since I bought the package from Telkom Sales. I was informed to call 10213 since they would be able to rectify the data bundle that was bought. I then phoned 10213 and after numerous transfers I eventually spoke to Ntandokazi who informed me that she would sent a e-mail to a supervisor/ administrator to listen to the recording and provide feedback. No reference number could be obtained since they do not provide numbers for complaints. 2 days later I again called 10213 and was informed that I must call Cell Direct. I then called Cell Direct, Mobiz talk, Mondo, and also CCI. None of them had any record of my ID number and I then called 10213 again. I spoke to Nontando who again informed me that she would send an e-mail to a supervisor/administrator who would listen to the recording and provide feedback within 36 hours. It has been more than a week and still no feedback.
All these calls were made from my MTN phone some lasting for more than half an hour. I have now spend hours of talk time from my MTN cellphone to correct and query this problem.
All I want is for the data package to be rectified to the original package that was sold to me. I hold Telkom in breach of contract and will reverse my stop order the end of January 2017 if my query is not resoved by then.
I would also like the contact details of the Ombudsman for Internet to lodge a official complaint against Telkom if my account is not rectified.

Jan 23, 2017

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