Telkom SA SOC / failure to fix broken telephone line : ref 122cwk150817

South Africa

Our telephone was damaged by Vuma fibre installers on Monday 14th August 2017.
This was reported to Nazeerah at Tygervally Telkom branch on 15th, who said she "escalated" the report.
On 30th August we were again told she "escalated" the problem - ref 55626.
On 7th September Marika at Cape Gate office said she has advised technical department and it would be fixed by the following Monday.
On Friday 8th September we spoke to a Telkom technician working nearby who confirmed he had our problem listed and it would be fixed by Monday.
On 15th September we again personally visited and spoke to Nazeerah at Tygervalley who promised to follow up and phone us back by 12. We requested to see the manager but Nazeerah refused saying it would be useless as the Manager would just refer us back to her.
We are still waiting on her call. During this process we have received several sms's stating that we would be contacted within 24 hours but it has NEVER happened

Sep 16, 2017

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