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i have been with Telkom 6 more then 6 years, i have been on a month to month on my promo 5 r100 10GB and had another contract which expired lost month October 2017 and could upgrade, i was at the telkom store in durban Telkom Direct Thekwini and the consultant check both if could upgrade and i went to telkom site while i was there and i updgrade my contract with the black friday deals and had an upgrade buttom, i upgraded, and even received sms that i have been pre approved for for deals. i called on moday to follow up with them i was told a consultant would call me, i called 3 times and 3rd time the agent u got said ended sayin they couldnt pick up any deals for my ID number. i started chatting with telkom social media on facebook messengerm they asked for my ID and contact number, then got got told i cant upgrade because those contracts were for new customers. i even received an email from them to upgrade same friday. which took me to the same site as website, i even used the service twice showing that they approved it, i got 4 sms approval for r199 j7 samsung and data deal r199.. now im told i cant upgrade telkom is full of ****...they care about new customers not existing customers, i always recommeded them but this time im leaving telkom *****, this. im cancelling all my contracts and im making sure all the people i recommeded to are cancelling too. after being such a loyal customer this has got to be the worse ever experience.

Nov 29, 2017

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