Telkom SA SOCcontract debit

Good day,

I just bought a Telkom contract sim card with Mundo and i i was advised that it will cost me R99 each and when i buy two sim card then it will be R129 but now i was suprised that for the first two months an amount of more than R200 was debited by Telkom and i raised this issue with Mundo and they promised to fix this but suddendly one of their agent (Melisa) called me and advised that the issue is with Telkom and i should contact you. It is funny because Telkom did not sell me this contract why when there is an issue i should be the one contacting Telkom so what i did i have stopped all the debits and reversed all the money debited in my account untl this matter is resolved .

ID No: [protected]
Name : Pontias Bodibe
Telkom Ref: [protected]

Mundo Ref: 1709
Agent: Melisa

Hope you resolve this matter urgently so that we can continue with our contract.

Please assist/advise.

Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,

May 14, 2017

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