Telkom SA SOCcontract cancelled and still being billed

I tried cancelling my contract [protected] since the 1.10.2016, I was told that i need to go onto a Telkom store to do this.
On the 1.11.2016 i went into the Telkom store at N1 city, cancelled the contract, and had to take a complete new contract out, as they could upgrade the number [protected] as it is a mixed number what that means i dont know.

I called in last month and was promised it will be sorted out, backdated and i will be refunded, and received a email with another cancellation letter which i completed and sent off immediately to '[protected]'

  • Updated by Priscilla Wiborg, Jan 15, 2017

    Very frustrated as i am tired of calling in trying to cancel this contract, Telkom needs to refund me for three months, my debit order has been cancelled.

Jan 15, 2017

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