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Cape town, ZA
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I took up a contract on 1 October with Telkom mobile 2016.
The contract stipulates that I get 3000 minutes incl. Telkom and Telkom mobile numbers.

This is however not the case.

I have an additional R 50 spending limit loaded on my contract as the bundle does not incl. cellphone calls to other networks.

Every time in the beginning of the month when I phone my first or second Telkom line in Cape town I get an sms saying "You have less than R 100" airtime to spend before you reach your monthly limit".
This is also not the case, I have barely phoned and spoken 5 minutes on a (021) number when this happens.

It is the same every month and happens intermittently.

I have been to the Cape Gate Branch to help me and have proof of the back-and-front e-mails. Up to date no one has contacted me back.
They dialed into my account and saw that my account was maxed out after only 2 Telkom numbers of a few minutes long per call.

How is this possible?

Everytime I want to use my minutes WHICH I AM PAYING FOR" I cant and I have also phoned Telkom head-office;; when the Cape Gate staff logged into my account, they did not see any calls logged. It is thus obvious that the Call centre at head-office does not log calls and does not respond to queries.

Telkom and other service providers are quick to take your money, make you sign long contracts and block your account if it goes into arrears but I must pay for services not provided.

I want someone from Telkom to phone me back and fix this contract before 15 April 2017 or else I will be forced to go to the Ombudsman.

This is very serious as I do not have the time to run up and down to a store that cant even assist me, they just log a call each time and no one replies.

How do I get an reaction from Telkom South Africa?


Apr 03, 2017

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