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Geroge, South Africa
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Dear telkom,

Help!! Your organization is crippling families and stealing their hard earn bread and butter!

This email requires the attention of a human, no robots please

I have made, in total, 31 telephonic attempts to cancel my services with telkom and rectify my account. I spent a total of 286 minutes in call duration for these 31 calls, that's almost 5hours in call duration!! I have proof for every attempt! Attached to this email is my itemized billing report for every call made in the past 7 months!

I have sent and resent a cancellation request via email on 8 attempts! To [protected] Za and 5 other consultants who promised to follow up and assist - also attached for your records.

How is this possible?? I honestly don't have the money to continue to paying for this error! And what's more, telkom is handing my account over without conducting an investigation! This is the message I received this morning "notice of adverse listing: mr saueran a registered credit bureau, received a default alert on your name due to a telkom acc..."

I have received 0 'zero' email response from telkom or from any of the consultants or supervisors I engaged with and who promised to contact me back - other than a system generated 'autoreply' advising me "... Consultant will contact you within 21 business days to verify the information provided and/or confirm cancellation/retention..." - lies!!

I have received 0 'zero' telephonic feedback or follow-up calls from any of the consultants or supervisors who promised to contact me back. Not one call before handing me over - have you no shame!

I am a 28-year-old human doing my best to provide for my wife and unborn child... We had an opportunity to buy a house today until I received this 'credit bureau sms... Now i'm not too sure - a family man needs a good credit record to apply for a home loan and provide a safe nest for his family... Do you care?

I have taken the day off from work to compile this email and provide all the details and evidence for telkom to consider a proper investigation. I beg the reader for their compassion and decency for my request, and should you listen to any of the 31 voice recordings, I sincerely apologize for my rudeness and or attitude expressed to the assisting service consultants

Here is a summary of my interaction with telkom and attempts to cancel service:
In 2015 I applied for home dsl to my appartment in johannesburg, I don't recall any issue signing up or getting the server installed - must have been a pleasure
However, after some time I experienced some connectivity issue and was advised by a friend to 'migrate my line' to afrihost for per support and customer service
Sometime in 2015 or 2016 I reached out to afrihost and applied for a 'line migration' and after the migration, I was a happy customer
In july of 2016 I relocated from johannesburg to george and no longer required the dsl services, so I canceled my afrihost package
After the migration, I stopped paying telkom as I assumed 'line migration' meant complete migration of all liabilities from telkom to afrihost - my mistake
On 9 november 2016, I received an sms from telkom notifying me that my account was handed over to mbdcs for r 1, 841.64 the first communications I received on an outstanding account... Never the less, I called the accounts department on 16 november to query my account and the service consultant informed me that my the 'line migration' to afrihost was only a migration of the dsl service and that I was still obligated to pay the r189 line rental. - my mistake - and I took full responsibility and I a paid the full outstanding amount of 2, 310.35 on the same day. I also explained my relocation situation to the consultant and the consultant advised me on how to cancel the dormant service. She sent me a cancellation application, I completed the form and sent it off to [protected] Za, including the consult who sent me the application [protected] Za
On the 6th of december, I moved into my new apartment in george and contacted telkom for new service. The consultant advised me that my previous service was not yet canceled! She requested I resend her the cancellation request to follow up. I resent the cancellation email not only to the consultant @ [protected] Za but also to [protected] Za again! I never received any feedback from the consultant. I did, however, receive that autoreply' email but to no surprise, I received no reply or call back - lies!!
Round about the 3rd of jan my new service where installed and I paid the pro-rata amount of r 460.00 - 10mb uncap dsl for r799 every month
On the 8th of february, I made 2 calls which lasted over 55 minutes! My new service of r799 was due, but instead, I paid the full outstanding amount of r 1, 892.73 (Thinking there might be some outstanding amount due to the 30 day cancellation period, which has been 60 days at that time so technically I overpaid) I also resent my cancellation request to the consultant's superior: [protected] Za.- no feedback!
On the 20 of april, I followed up with 2 more calls which lasted over 41 minutes! During this call, the service consultant accusing my isp (Ex-isp afrihost) for the fault. Being a wholesale line, or whatever, the consultant reckoned that afrihost never handed the line back over to telkom which is the reason why the line has not yet been canceled. After a call to afrihost, they advised me that line was indeed handed back to telkom and that telkom was mistaken. After being sent on a goose chase once again, I got the afrihost consultant and a telkom consultant to conference call and resolve their misunderstanding. After which, the afrihost consultant was able to point out the error on tekom's side. The error turned out to be an incomplete cancellation request. Telkom canceled the dsl service but never the phone service! What!!!?? How did an afrihost consult figure this out in one call??!! Why did it take 26 calls and an afrishost consultant to determine the true issue?? Where all the previous consultants incompetent?? Where the trained inadequately??? Where their system to complex, slow or inadequate to identify the real issue??? Why could the first or second or the third consultant not identify the true issue?? Should I now be penalized for this mistake too!!??
After what felt like true progress for the first time in 5 months, I resent my cancellation request to the assisting consultant [protected] Za. I insisted that the cancellation be backdated to the initial cancellation date (The date I took responsibility for outstanding payments and responsibility to cancel the dormant service) I completed that document to the best of my ability and had I be contacted by a human representative or retention consultant, any misunderstands could have been clarified then, and all of this could have been avoided!
On 2 may I relocated once more to a neighbor suburb in george and after faithfully paying my promo package 10mb uncap dsl for r799 every month, it was yet again time for me to contact telkom to advise on the relocating process. This also turned out to be no simple task which is now turning out to be a nightmare! - I regret this day, actually, I regret the very first day signed up with telkom...

On 2 may 2017 I contacted telkom to advise on the relocation process. 6 minutes into the call, i'm not sure whey the call completed, but from the billing report there seem to be multiple follow-up attempts...
On 5 may I received a sms of my installation date, being an all day appointment for the 8th of may - the technician did not show up and no new communication received.
08 may I called to follow up, and received some generic response that informed that the technician was scheduled for the next day - no technician showed up
On 9 may 2017, spending over 55 minutes with a consultant! The consultant told me that I was miss informed about the relocation process and that "I cannot change my package from dsl to fiber at the same time provide a different installation address". Praeashen, the consultant, then advised me to yet again cancel my current dsl service and then thereafter apply for new fiber service. I did once more attempt to cancel my 2nd dsl service, sending the application to [protected] Za - no feedback!
Sometime the next week, the 15th may, I think, the estate's security contacted me and informed me that telkom requested permission to enter the premises - no appointment or call, they just showed up! But I accommodated and took leave from work to meet with them. I'm not all familiar with the technical jargon, but the mentioned something about a slim-box and needing permission from telkom's head-office before proceeding with pulling cables and digging trenches. They arrange for me to be home the next day for them to proceed with the work - they never showed...
After missing 3 appointments, I contacted telkom once again on 22 may, 7 times!! Bad connection, bad reception, or whatever, not one of the service consultant contacted my back after 7 failed attempts.
The technicians returned a second time, with no appointment, and only determined the wrong address was listed on the application and that we need to re-apply for a change in address... It took almost 10 calls, 3 missed appointments, and 2 sites visits to determine a wrong address!!?? - I can't believe my luck with telkom... I can kick myself for every calling telkom for service...

What more does one need to do to cancel service and rectify an account?? Why does telkom make it so difficult for customers to cancel? Is this an intentional design to exploit flaws in the system? Do 68 calls from a single number not flag a notice to management? Does the same cancellation request via email from the same recipient not raise any flags to telkom?? Can I offer to teach telkom on how to write such an algorithm?

It took me the whole day to write and re-write this email, and it's almost midnight, and it has not been fair to my family...

Please I am desperate please provide me with urgent human assistance. My mobile number is [protected]

I cannot afford to pay for service I haven't used in over 11 months. As i'm sure you can see I have honestly done my best to rectify this account. I'm now left to telkom's mercy my family's future in influenced by telkom's mercy...

Full sms message received today: "notice of adverse listing: mr saueran a registered credit bureau, received a default alert on your name due to a telkom acc [protected]. Call [protected]"

Jun 22, 2017

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