Telkom SA SOC / bad customer service middelburg mall branch.

Middelburg, South Africa

Date of incident : 11 June 2017
Time: 9:15
Middelburg Mall Telkom Branch.

I logged a Telkom case# [protected] on the 28 April 2017 for the cost in the cancellation of my LTE contract in order to move back to the Telkom ADSL option. I was phoned more than a month later by a Telkom representative and told that the costs would be R700 and that as i was staying with telkom that no other costs would be applicable. I requested that she email that to me for my records but i received no further email.
When i went into the local telkom branch (Middelburg Mall) on 11 June 2017 to cancel the the LTE and order the ADSL i was told that the costs would be very much higher than just R700. The telkom representative could see the Telkom case# history and confirmed the R700 entry but still insisted the cost would be much higher (in the thousands). I insisted that she then again query the costs and when i asked for her name for reference purposes she refused to speak to me any further. I attempted to take a photo of the lady but she went and closed herself in an office. The other Telkom representitive in the branch at the time also refused to give me her name. I requested to speak to the supervisor but was told they do not work on weekends.
After leaving the branch i was phoned at 9:27 on 11 june 2017 from number [protected] where she swore at me and threatened to call the police and lay a charge against me should i not delete the photos off my phone.

All that i require is that i am sent an official email with the total costs of the cancellation of my current 30Gig LTE contract so that i can again move to the 4Mb ADSL uncapped option. (I was told that i cannot upgrade my LTE to the uncapped option as it uses different bases??. This was not what was said when i initially took out the LTE option as a test, Now i am told that there is no uncapped LTE in my area.???)
I also request that all telkom representatives working with clients are identifiable via name tags. That is just good customer relations.

Initial query was logged on 28 April 2017. Today is 11 June 2017 and i am still no closer to a resolution. I have also received a new case number ([protected]) at 10:08 on 11 June 2017. When checked via the Telkom portal it just says "no street address". As i did not log that I have no idea what this is so i would also like feedback on that.

Thank you,
Cell : [protected]

Jun 11, 2017

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