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South Africa

We received a tele-sale call from a call centre, offering WIFI services in affiliation with Telkom, to Telkom customers. They had all my husband's particulars and he was told that they were the agency to promote Telkom's landline free internet services, therefore offering 40 GB Wifi data per month for R299 on a 24 month contract. The 40 GB was split into 20 GB during office hours and 20 GB during after hours. We discussed the option and decided that seeing that the product was linked to Telkom, it would be a competative product and would enable us to cut one of our WIFI contracts with Vodacom to replace it. This offer included a portable device for travel to have WIFI on the road. I spoke with them myself because I am the one that would have been using the product. The Telkom contract is in the name of my husband. We supplied the banking details for our Company, but where phoned back later to say it must be his personal details. I provided his banking details for the monthly deduction of R299 as per our verbal agreement.

This morning RAM couriers delivered the package. Inside was a Huawei modem (I have 1 Huawei, one Netgear and another router so really, I did not need an ordinary router - I need a small, compact traveling device for WIFI where ever I go). The I read the Invoice. There is only a name "mobile talk" at the top. No company registration number, no director's names, no physical address, no contact information, NOTHING. In the small print, I read the Invoice was for the supply of:

"SmartBroadband Wireless 10 GB @ R299 x 24 months subscription"

This is NOT WHAT WE WERE SOLD. I had to Google and found a website for Mobile talk, with only an email address and a telephone number. NO BUSINESS PARTICULARS AT ALL. What kind of business are you affilliating with? There are certain requirements for compliance with the law with regards to correspondence, etc, on a company letterhead with contact details etc. How is it possible that you deal with people like this? I cannot find anything on the invoice to contact them and have to HUNT THEM DOWN! I phoned 3 times, Sandile put the phone down in my ear 2 times, then somebody else answered and did the same. I requested to speak with a manager ... non available. I asked the physical address ... they are not allowed to give it???? I asked who the owner, manager or supervisors are... no, not allowed to give information. I AM FORCED INTO A CONTRACT WITHOUT A CONTRACT!!! I requested a copy of the voice recording of the transaction ... their system is offline. But by providing an ID, they where able to find out who I am. I did NOT enter into the contract as specified by the INVOICE and cannot be held responsible? This is FRAUD!!! I did not open the package and cannot even return it, because it is a ghost company???

I am not going to let this slip, even if it cost me money. I will go to the highest Court, go to the media, I will bring this company down if somebody does not give me joy by IMMEDIATELY REVOKING this fraudulant contract and paying me back every sent they deducted from my bank account, including the once-off refundable amount. I would NOT have opted for this agreement if the name TELKOM was not mentioned as being PART of this and secondly, at R299 for 10 GB, I can get it anywere at a REPUTABLE STORE where the people are not in hiding. I can walk in and complain and buy and cancel and extend and do whatever I want to online and in store with any other company. This is a scam and you cannot allow these people to pull Telkom's reputation to shreads.

I am collecting names and data of as much as possible people with similar experiences and we will collectively take this as wide, hard and effective to each and every body there to protect the consumer, including the ombud.

My telephone number is [protected]. I expect to hear from you on or before Wednesday. There is a cool-off period for all contracts, but this is not even a contract! It is fraud. You can insist to obtain the voice recording for this "transaction" from them. When somebody delivers something to you that is not right, you have the right to return it immediately, which is why I phoned Mobile Talk, but they could not assist me, because they were off-line, and later because they needed to speak with my husband.

Point is, this is NOT what we where sold. I want this contract cancelled and cancellation confirmed. My husband's ID number is: [protected]. I received the goods, he is not in a position to receive anything at this stage and will only be available between 4 and 7 in the afternoon from next Wednesday, 20 September 2017. I am handling all his business.

Sep 15, 2017

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