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We have been paying for a 10MB ADSL line for about the past 5 years, however we have never been able to get 10MB bandwidth as we are nearly 5KM from the exchange. Telkom's website shows that the maximum line speed in the area is now 2MB, before it displayed 10MB. Currently we are still paying the price for the 10MB line even though it is not available in our area.

After many phone calls Telkom have said that we must leave it as it is. I do not know why we must pay the additional for a service that not available. I'm now at a point where i do not kow who to talk to to resolve this issue.

I do not know if this message appears on a public form but can someone please correspond with me by email, my mail address is rob0609 at hotmail dot com


Apr 03, 2017

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