Telkom SA SOC / adsl

Strand, ZA

On Sunday morning, the 4th of December 2016 we lost connectivity. I phoned Mweb my service provider and myself and mweb assumed that our router might be faulty. Mweb advised us that I must take our router to a Telkom store for them to test it for me.

I went to the Telkom store for the test and the store manager said to me that they are not allowed to test routers in their stores anymore and that I should phone their call center to lunch the fault so that a Technician can come and inspect the fault at our premises.

I phoned the call center to launch the fault and to my utter confusion their call center notified me that I must go to one of their outlet stores to test the router. I went to a friend's house who also has adsl and it took us not even 5min to test the router and it worked.

I called Telkom's call center again to tell them that their is a fault with their line and not our router. They then notified me that the technician who was assigned to my fault declined the job and they are waiting for a new technician to be assigned.

A new technician has been assigned now but I am still not sure when they will fix it or even if its going to be fixed.

I cant wait till their is a Fibre infrastructure in my area then I can kick Telkom out the door. !

Dec 07, 2016

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