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Good day

I just called Telkom because of my slow internet that I have been complaining about for the past 4 months. The woman on the phone told me that the technician, Willie Masango, reduced my line speed from 2mbps to 1.5mbps.

First I want to know why on earth he did this and how he though that would solve my problem.

Second I want to know what Telkom is going to do about me being billed for something I clearly did not recieve since I pay for 2mbps.

My reference number for my call in which this all was told to me is 289CTK261116


  • Updated by Merina van Vollenhoven, Dec 06, 2016

    Good day

    Firstly I have a problem with my name on the invoice still being incorrect. I upgraded my 2 Telkom mobile contracts on 3 September 2016 where I provided a copy of my ID. Then I saw on the invoice my name is spelled incorectly. I went to the store in Menlyn in October again with a copy of my ID to change my name. Now in December on the invoice my name is still incorrect. What more would you like me to do to get my name correct?

    Secondly I have a problem with my invoices. As previously mentioned I upgraded on 3 September 2016. On my September invoice there was amounts (55.20, 69.99, 92.40 and 99.00) deducted which I did not ask for and requested to be refunded in October.

    On my October account there was a refund of R67.07. How was this amount calculated as it is not any amount as mentioned above? There was an amount of R69.00 deducted which I requested to be refunded as I did not request any add on internet bundles.

    On my November invoice there is a refund for R13.80. How was this calculated?

    So according to my calculations you owe me R303.73 for all the refunds.

    Thirdly I have a problem with my debit order date. It is supposed to be on the last day of the month but you have debited my account on 26 September, 30 October and 15 November. I have noticed that no deduction was made on the end of November. Please make sure that all future deductions will be made on the last day of the month.

    I spoke to Zamakhosi Cele this morning and she logged a case with the reference number [protected]. I really feel sorry that this has become her problem because the previous people did not do their job. I have been on the phone from October every time I get an invoice and everyone promises the refund will be done but then it is not done the next month.


Dec 06, 2016

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