Telkom SA SOCadsl and landline

I have had the same issue since October 2016. My ADSL line cuts off every time it rains. I have reported this issue any number of times and logged the fault.
I was told that Telkom technicians don't work in the rain. Now here's the problem - my ADSL line cuts out when it rains - your techs don't work in the rain - result this problem will never be resolved.
Today I have reported the fault again - I have been given a new ref # 96CRK010217. I doubt the issue will be sorted since Telkom haven't managed to do much for the past 4 months. I still get a full monthly bill for the service I am subscribed to - but I'm not getting the service as per my subscription. I would like Telkom to actually get someone to start working effectively to sort the problem out.
Further - my landline condition has also been reported - I have to hang up the phone 3 or 4 times before I can get a dial tone. I spoke to the Telkom tech in the area, and he tells me that what is required is for Telkom to re-allocate my line to a different port - well, since reporting this fault 2 months ago, I'm still waiting... and waiting...and waiting. I would like telkom to give me a full refund on my subscription payments for the past 4 months since they are not providing the service they have contracted to provide me.

Feb 01, 2017

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