Telkom - Reference No: 786CTK180417.broken/damaged telkom cable

To whom it may concern.

Good day,

Please refer to reference no: 786ctk180417.
Phone number: [protected].
Address: 86 wildevy ave, protea park, rustenburg.
Account holder: d. R. L. Frost.

I reported a broken/damaged telkom cable almost a month ago.
I have since made 6 phone calls to the number 10210, each time I get the same response that I have
Reported the cable damage and that a technician will phone me on my cell phone when they are in the area,
To date I have not received one phone call from anybody. I have even reported that I have seen exactly
The position of the damaged cable but even this does not seem to make it any easier for telkom to respond.
I am sure there are probably other users in the nearby area who are experiencing the same problem.
This is exceptionally poor service from telkom – in the meantime I am still paying for the telkom line which I cannot use,
But if I should slip just one payment telkom would be very quick to terminate my service.

Can someone please take this mail seriously and try to do something to repair the damaged cable asap.

May 17, 2017

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