Telkom Mobilepoor service & continued billing

On the 08 september 2016, I cancelled my lte device & returned it within the 7 day cooling period - unopened and emailed kribasheni kalicharan, who undertook to resolve the issue. I have since then been in constant communication with them to cancel the contract and to stop billing me and have had sms's to say the issue has been resolved. Eventually in dec I received communication from nonkululeko sathekge who assured be that the contract will be ceased and that the billing department will contact me. To date no one has contacted me & end of dec I was billed again.
On the 4th of jan I emailed yet again and asked them to refund me my money - yet again.
I cannot believe the incompetence of the billing department to actually cancel a contract.
Other than an email from kribasheni kalicharanon the 09/01 to ask them to assists me (Yet again) I have had not response from telkom mobi.
I have absolutely no idea what next to do.

Jan 12, 2017

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