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South Africa


I have cancelled my adsl line in march, june 2016 I was still being billed after cancellation, I phoned telkom numerous times to tell them they must cancel the adsl where is the service there. After I spoke to the customer care billing department to credit me they said it will take 7 working days they, dont want to put me through to a manager when I ask (Why do they get paid or have manager if they dont take a call. Useless people) in 2 days they have cancelled the internet and the house phone, but my request was clear to just cancel adsl (Internet) we have been with telkom 20 years they dont care, we have ill (Sick) people at the house that needs the phone they dont care telkom owes me money not the other way around.
After today's phone call again they said to me I owed them money and they gave me over to lawyers for a july billing (clearly they can bill a person for internet and a house phone that is not active!!! And give you over the lawyers, july you pay end off july). I am sick of telkom all of this is their fault by the customer gets blamed. I will recommend that a person think twice before you go the telkom.

They cannot tell me why I am owing them money (The breakdown) they gave me the lawyers number that is actually a debt acounts they said to me they made numerous complaints with telkom they are not there lawyers ([protected])

In 3 days telkom screwed up my account and handed me over for a mistake they made

I have reference numbers, names ref:[protected], ref:[protected], ref27927076, ref27842163, ref27979972

Why do you have a customer care center if 10 different people tell you something different or why is there ref number : if they dont use it

I challenge a manger to phone me [protected] and earn actually there salary

Same happen to me as this person (Telkom have charged me for a line rental when the telephone was not working,
Whilst disputing the accounts record and calling many times I have received a non-existant service and the communication between their technical fault and accounts department has been abismal!
They have now transferred the matter onto a debt collector as they are unable to answer my questions regarding the account. )

Jul 12, 2016

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