Telkomfibre uncap

A month ago an agent from Telkom offered me upgrade my uncap adsl service to fibre. I told him, that if you don’t have an uncap service, I will not be interesting, but he replied that they already have, so I accepted to move to fibre.
A technician came, and install the fibre. After that, I received an email telling me that my service was Softcap. Then I call to the customer service and the agent Nokukhanya Ndwanwe, told me that I there is no need to worry beacuse I have an uncap service and she send a copy of my invoice where it’s says that I have Home uncap prem+.
Yesterday, when I was surfing the web, I just started to receive some notification that my quote is almost reach, that I only have 15 GB left.
Today I went to the store at Menlyn Park, and they told me that they can’t do anything about and I must call to the customer service.
I called to customer service, and after some transfers from department to another department, I was an attended by an agent that told me that Telkom doesn’t have a uncap service on fibre. So told her, that they must switch me back to ADSL with no cost because they are not giving me the service that I asked for. She told me that this is 12 month contract, and there will be a penalty for switching me back. After some discussion, I told her that I wanted to hear the record when I asked for the fibre upgrade, because I wanted that both hear what the agent offered me at that time, and I also asked for copy of that chat.
The lady put me on hold and told me that she will looking for the record, that she return she replied that she spoked to her supervisor and they will escalate the issue to another level because of my request of hearing the recording. They told me that I must wait until Monday to see if they allow me to hear that record.
All that I want, is an uncap internet service, I don’t care if it is fibre or not. If the agent offered me, by mistake, a service that the company does not have, I will be happy to return to my adsl line with no cost.
My Telkom line is [protected].
Luis Luna

Apr 09, 2016

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