Telkomcancellation of landline

The service of telkom is shocking I tell you, no replies, nothing. I am so Fed up with Telkom and I am so glad I am cancelling. Won't be using Telkom ever again. We filled out an application form at Telkom Stellenbosch in Eikestad mall. No one submitted our form and they didn't make a cipy of my husbands ID. I had to call Telkom and apply telephonically.

We are now moving and I need to cansel my line, send an email 30th of November 2016 and I just would like to know If all is in Order as I am not paying again for February month due to Telkom being negligent on email replies. My last installment will be for January and line should be canceled 31 January 2017. This "send us an email" link on their website is crap, because I have emailed 3 times and no reply!!! 2 of them were complaints email, I have called 3 times and now they gave me this sms:

Dear Customer, Kindly advise your ISP to convert ADSL [protected] to landline and return the line back to Telkom in order to cancel the line as requested, Telkom.

We font even have an ADSL line with them, I just want the landline cancelled. Sadly no one got back to me and it's 9th of January 2017. Pathetic

Jan 09, 2017

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