Telkom / applying for contract-approved-no stock-hear nothing from store

Port Elizabeth, South Africa
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I was at Telkom shop in Baywest Mall, Port Elizabeth last week on the 4th of Jan to apply for the wifi router contract which was approved. The guy who helped me said that you did not have stock but he will hear from other stores if they can help and that he will phone us same day with feedback.
Until Monay 8th Jan, I heard nothing from him or the shop. I went there on Tuesday rhe 9th to find out whats going on. He was not in store and a lady had me write my name, phone number and query on a sticky note, that she was going to give to him, for him to contact me. At 15:15 on Wednesday the 11th and I have not heard a single from him or anyone at the shop and send them an email complaining about this matter. It is now Thursday and still have I not received a call or email from the shop. This is seriously messed up. I dont even have my router yet or started with my contract and already I experience this lack of service. Im sure if I had owed them money, you would phone me EVERYDAY!! I NEED someone to give me feedback and I need my router before today the 12th at 15:00, otherwise, I can just as well cancel the whole contract. Its bad enough that I had to drive there for nothing, and have to drive there again to collect my router...I really would have at least expected a delivery of my router at home.

Jan 12, 2017

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