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Cape town, South Africa


As a Telkom Client, I decided to apply for a mac book air few weeks ago, I am not a SA citizen but last year I tried to contact Telkom if I could qualify for an Iphone6, with no major issues things were quick and approved. I use an assylum seeker permit that get renewed every 6 months at the department of home affairs.

Now I wanted a mac book application submitted by your consultant Alicia on Oct 12, and she promised me that it wouldn't take long as i already have a account with the company. A week later I went to check on the order, surprisingly my application wa declined with a reason that my permit expiry date doesn't last the duration of the contract. I didnt really understand that as it is the same permit that i use for everything including my Iphone 6 at Telkom. I then asked her what should I do, she said she has no advise. I tried to call the call center, The consultant told me that my application is still pending but still also said they have nothing to do if it is declined because that was done by the Credit vetting department.
On Monday 23 I called the credit vetting guys, they confirmed that nothing was declined the order was still pending, They asked me to go back to the store as they will approve it right away.
Back to the store on Oct 25 I was helped this time by a muslim guy only remember his surname Abrahams, who said that the application was closed on Oct 17 By Alicia I assume.

We called the credit guys again while in store, they also don't understand why things are done that way. The lady on the phone asked the consultant to ask the person who closed the case to reopen it in order for it to be processed. He told me he will email the guy who closed the case and in few hours time I will receive an sms of confirmation. I waited the all day nothing was done.

Clearly it wasn't the credit vetting problem, nobody seems to be helpful i don't understand why.

Will you please escalate this to people that could help?
My email is [protected]

Kind regards

Oct 26, 2017

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