Telkom / add on internet bundle to contract without permission

In oct 2015 an add-on internet bundle to the value of r349 was added onto my cell phone account without my permission or knowledge.
I had to pay for it for three months before I managed to get it removed and refunded. Even though I asked for it to be removed it keep being added. I have refused to pay for it which resulted in them suspending my service on more than one occasion, the latest one for two and a half weeks.
Even after all of this the bundle has been added yet again at the end of march.
I have to call 4 or 5 time to get it reversed.
This is going to happen again now at the end of april again.
This has all been without my consent and if I didn't query it they would continue to take the monies from me every month without me using the service.
They have apparently done this to hundreds of other clients, which means that they are benefiting and taking profit illegally.
They are criminals and I want out of my contract!

Apr 14, 2016

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