Telkom8 ta contract

I had a contract with Telkoms 8ta since July 2012.I never used the contract because the modem was not working.I tested several other service providers such as Mweb, Atlantic, Vodacom and it was working on my computer.I start using Vodacom as I could see that Telkom dont want to cancel my contract.My account number with Telkom is [protected].I reached an a accrement with Telkoms accounts department to pay up to the last instalment, then they will cancel the contrat which did.They stop my payment for one month.After that they start deducting the R299 again.I took them to the small claims court case number SC 1185113.The lawer of Telkom refuse to stop my contract. His e-mail is [protected]@telkom, .co.zaI am still paying R299 per month since July 2012, without any use of the 8 ta.They also dont have modems for a year so that I can try i on my computer.All I whant is the contract to be cancelled.

Jan 18, 2017

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