Teleflora / flowers received on 2/12 have died

United States

I purchased some flowers for a friend and received them from a local company (ACE Flowers 2517 E.Ball Rd., Anaheim, CA [protected]) at 3:15pm on 2/12 and less than 48 hours later they were dead (8:30 am 2/14). They had water, the office is cool, so no reason for this. I called the flower shop that Teleflora went through and they said they can't help me as they were too busy. They'd get back to me, but they didn't take anything down and didn't speak English well so I don't think they understood I need these replaced. If they can replace them by 2/18, that will be fine. I didn't pay $116 for flowers to look like this.
The flowers were purchased through Gettington & Teleflora. The confirmation number is [protected]. Item ordered was, TEV42-1C. The flower shop that delivered it was Ace Flower Shop on 2517 E. Ball Rd., Anaheim, CA and their order number was 15215. The person they were to be delivered to was Gaynelle Garner. I have pictures of the dead flowers if you need them. Thank you.


Feb 15, 2019

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