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Worcester, MA, United States Review updated:

BEWARE ALL BUSINESS OWNERS. TD Bank may offer a small business loan. You may get the money. BEWARE that you may not be able to adjust or increase your credit line. I have 810 credit score. I was commended on my business plan. We broke all projections by two accounting offices. One of the accounting offices was even reccomended by TD Bank. I received a credit line from them however I beleive they lend you money to get you "in" and then LOOK OUT!!! I beleive they are purposly approving loans with a prommise of more funding after "they see how it goes". What is really happening is they are giving just enough for you to sign the paper and then they walk away. This allows them to keep collecting intrest without getting in deeper. This intrest is paying off their bad banking losses. After 25 years in business and with a long history of owning several businesses, this bank is the worst bank you can possibly do business with. If your are considering a loan or credit line with a bank do not sign with the devil. Borrowing from TD Bank was the worst thing I have ever done in business in 25 years.

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  • Ty
      6th of Oct, 2010

    I have a business account, I have lost over $4000 in overdraft fees and yes doesnt matter how hard I try to avoid this fees they always hit the account. And to those slick that always jump saying ohhhhhhhhh if you dont have the funds dont used it, well...I do have the funds but they trick you in all the ways to hit you with the fees. The goverment doesnt do nothing, the law enforcement doesnt do nothing, the bank and our local politicians doesnt do nothing...My bank account is 6860383071, I hope that someday 1 judge makes them refund back all the overdraft fees that they have take from us like they ruled in California to Wells Fargo.

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  • Br
      18th of Nov, 2010

    TD Bank ruined me totally. They stole over 150K in insurance money for a property that I owned that suffered a fire. I later as a result of this fraud and deceptive lies, , , lost my property, lost my business, and have spent nearly 100K in attorney Fees. TD Bank, lied to the Office of Comptroller of the Currency, and is now foreced to give answers. Watch for me on 20/20 soon

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