TD Bankpersonal cashier check and extremely long lines and unprofessional staff

My name is Andre Lewis. I am a Customer with TD Bank. I am extremely upset with Staff, Sarah, Laura and another lady which is the manager at Great Neck location also unprofeesional staff at Hillside Avenue, especially the male manager. I am tired of long lines at Hillside Avenue always 40 minutes or more or my entire lunch break with horrible customer service and maybe two tellers to do the drive thru and internal banking, also few days before Christmas time, the male manager says he had an emergency and ran out. Really where is loyalty towards your customers. Also, the Great Neck staff and manager told me last Wed that I couldn't cash a cashier check made out to my wife and I, without it being void. Who makes up thede rules, fee days before that Sarah told me my wife Mrs. Lewis had to come into the branch to cash my $1, 000 cashiers check that Hillside Avenue always cashed without a problem, which Great Neck staff called up Hillside branch to see if check can be cashed since they issued our names on the cashier check and drcided we need an account with my wife name on it, why if my name Andre Lewis is listed on my cashiers check?TD need to get it together immediately and I will take all my funds out, I am beyond sick and tired of staff and changing rules everytime. Training might work or a strict Manager that has knowledge how to run a branch. Keep it up and alot of customers will leave TD and bank elsewhere, enough is enough. I can be contacted at [protected] or [protected].

Jan 31, 2017

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