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So i have been a customer with Commerce/ Total Disaster Bank (TD Bank) for the last 3 years an i figured i would stay after this whole problem with the system, but as today i am offically dumping TD Bank for my banking i have switched over to an account at Wachovia.

After receiving 4 straight months of $200 plus dollars in over draft fees i have fought with them countless time and have got no where all i have been told is to write all my transactions down, when i informed them that i only work part time an make $150 dollars in my paycheck and that i would be unable to pay the overdraft fees they told me that there was nothing they could do because they had credited my account in the past.

I informed them i would be taking my business else where due to their lace of being "America's Most Convenient Bank" their only only response was sorry to see you go. I figured that they would try and keep their customers but from what i went through on the phone i have come to see that they really do not care about their customers.

A little tip don't go to TD Bank unless you have a lot of money to spend.

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      23rd of Nov, 2009
    TD Bank NJ - Fees
    TD Bank
    New Jersey
    United States

    Here's another pile of crap they are serving, my wife goes in there with a letter from an online payment service, stating that they made a draw on the account in error, instead of useing the funds from the online service, they took the payment from the TD bank account. She goes to the branch with the paper, and they tell her that the payment was already made, so they cannot reverse it. Since then, over $600 has been sacked from the account, however usually when I call the 800 number, they refund it, and here is the best one...

    Because the balance went over $100 at any time during the month, they took a $15 service fee, which bounced me again, followed by a $35 overdraft, leaving my account with a -$49.35 balance... I have been told that the next deposits placed into this account will have all negative draws assuming a $35 fee...

    They refused to refund the $15 but did refund the $35. so I am still getting hit for another fee or so on the next deposit...

    Two things I suggest, don't bother going to the branch, because the so-called "Customer Service Representatives" are powerless, more likely worthless, second, use the 1800 number that used to be the Commerce line, if you ask them to remove the one OD fee that sent the account into abysmal compounding fees, once they correct the original, you usually get hundreds back when all of the other payments all of a sudden are found to then have been sufficiently funded...

    Second thing, throw out the Debt card and go to another bank...

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      14th of Dec, 2009

    Yeah they hit me with the $15 fee for my checking going below $100. This is a monthly recurring fee & the first I've ever heard of it. The rep over phone (800 number) told me that my "trial period" ended because I've had the account for a year. This is BS because my girlfriend has had an account with them for a shorter period of time than me & got hit with the same fee.

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