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The other day i visited a TD bank with my bucket of pocket change that me and my son saved up so i can teach him to save. As we went to the coin machine and started the process like ive done plenty of time in the past-guessing how much we had etc. The machine had NO volume and was dimly lite but ive done this a lot of times -got my receipt and went to the teller. The teller then throws at me if i have an account and i say no -THEN he hits me with theres a 3% charge to use the machine?? Are you kidding? The teller says then open an account-i say no-then hes like well then i guess youll be paying the 3%. Thats some customer service they got, there was NO signs or anything saying about this fee and when i asked for a manager he told me it started in feb. He to then tried to get me to open an account and again i told them NO.This a great way to teach my son how clueless big companies are when it comes to customers. I did at one time consider opening an account but not anymore. They take your change and wrap it up and use it when deli owners come in, laundromat owners, etc come in so there not losing.So i thank TD for disgraceful practices

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  • He
      Aug 10, 2011

    so you wanted to use the service and not pay...that is a great lesson for your son

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  • An
      Sep 04, 2011

    I understand about how you feel about the fee if your not a customer; however, to maintain the machine it costs the bank money because they need the services of an outside vendor. People who are customers are contributing to the bank...why do you think that you can just go in and use the service of a company and not have to pay? Would you go to Staples for example or Kinkos and use any one their machines and not have to pay??? I would agree with you on many things and I applaud you for trying to be a good dad, but it is a business.

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  • Nj
      Jul 15, 2015

    I too have used the TD Bank coin machine as recently as 7-10-15 and was disappointed to know that the fee was so high. They are now charging 8% to convert the change to cash. While I understand they do maintain the machine most banks do not take rolled coins nor do they take larger sums of loose change. I no longer have an account with TD Bank and neither of the banks I have membership with have coin machines. Charging a fee of 8% for someone who may need the money for gas or food or bills is too much. Many people who bring in change may need every cent possible today. Change is still United States currency and all banks should at least take rolled coins to make things easier for the consumer. The fees are too high.

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