TD Bank / multiple problems

Middletown NY, United States
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Let me start by saying I have had this bank for over 9 years and it's been through many changes, all of which benefited them, not their customers. Back in October, I used my Debit/Visa to sign up for Sirius/XM, thinking it would be a one time trial, and I wanted to cancel after the trial period (which I tried-but that's another post), BUT, when I used my debit card, the expiration date was 12/2014. I figured that way, when they tried to renew, the charge would be declined. BUT IT WASN'T, and when I complained, they basically told me that it's my problem, I gave them the Card Number so they can charge whatever they want, when they want, so if I wasn't in agreement to that, I should cancel my card and order a new one. WHAT? Fast forward 2 weeks, I use my new card @ a store in PA (15 miles from my home) and it was denied - the bank said Visa denied all out of state charges. AGAIN, WHAT??? Visa categorically denying any out of state charges is absurd. They assured me it would not happen again and that all is well. Then we have today, when I presented my Visa for payment of $82 (knowing the account balance is over $1200) and I was denied AGAIN. Why?? "I don't know" was the standard bank answer. Well, I am now done with TD BANK. And their lousy customer service.

May 28, 2015

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