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Read all of the reviews!! THOUSANDS of people can not be wrong! TD Bank is by far the most underhanded, thieving, crooked bank in this country! What this crooked organization likes to do is not only back date checks but also it seems, they handle transactions TWICE each night. My bank rep told me that they ALWAYS enter all deposits before the debits. On more than one occassion I made a deposit whie my account was still in the positive. The following days I would check my balance and it should everything ok. Then a few days down the road I would get a notice showing insuf. funds. When I check my account, it shows that the day after my deposit, i am usually hot with insuf funds fees. When I spoke to cust. service, I was told that the chrcks came through at night, but my deposit was not registered until the morning and therefore, checks were bounced.
I also can not understand how whether you use the debit or credit transaction on your debit card, TD Bank will post it, but not deduct it from your balance for 4, 5 or six days. Debits even float around in their system for days on end, when they should be automatically deducted.
In short, if you have millions of dollars in your account, go ahead and stick with these crooks. But if you sometimes go from paycheck to paycheck, stay away from these people. they will screw you evry chance they get. And then they will remake their own rules to find new ways of screwing you. CROOKS!!!

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  • Le
      Nov 22, 2010

    For those of you inquiring about a lawsuit and are interested in becoming a class member, there is a lawfirm working on putting a class action lawsuit together. The more complaints and proof the attorneys have, the better the chances are at winning a substantial amount. Substantial enough for TD Bank to improve their business practices. I just finished sending in my information to the Trief & Olk Law Firm.
    There is also a website where the firm is retrieving complaints from Go to

    Here is what you should do:

    1. Keep all receipts for your debit card transactions to support your actual date and time of transaction.

    2. Print the daily transactions reports off of the website DAILY, EVERY SINGLE DAY (This REALLY shows how they are re-ordering transactions, if you could see mine you would shake your head!!! BIG TIME... I got these thieves GOOD).

    3. Print the pending transactions as well.

    4. When complaining to TD Bank, rather than calling them - email them through the website for documentation and proof.

    Hope this helps.

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  • Ni
      Nov 13, 2013

    Td bank for the second time in as little as three weeks has taken hundreds of dollars from our family. This time I had used my debit card thid ladt weekend and they somehow held those transactions til wed on wed my rent money csme out. Now mind you there was still enough in there for everything. On top of it all my pay was direct deposited the same day. So there should really have been enough when I checked my balance after work I found a 175 dollar overdraft fee. According to the they take money out the night befor however when I checked my balance the night befor I wss still good . There justification is the order they use to take money and the fact that they do not deposit til all deductions have come out first . I am so mad what can I do.
    Nick webb
    New Hampshir

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