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I sujay hinge from pune @ warje. Want to load a complaint that my broadband connection is not working from 10 april 2007... I m a regular user and when i am trying to connect i get error message as "server not found"... If tata will fix it I'll be really thankful.

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  • De
      22nd of Apr, 2007
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    I am Deebendu from Hyderabad, m using Tata Indicom Broad band internet from last 2 months. Every week there is some problem with the internet. I tried calling to the customer care but every time they use to say that "our tech people are working on it" i never got any call from them.

    Tata Indicom is very bad in providing customer support. This time it has crossed the limit. I do not have internet from last 2 days. The customer people are still saying that their "Tech are working on it".

    This is ridiculous and very unethical.

    I am very unhappy from their customer support.

  • He
      27th of Jun, 2007
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    Hello guys,

    I am facing a similar problem in Mumbai, i just got a 2 MBPS line and trust the internet stopped working for day 1. I think TATA should move about from Broadband Service.

    Their service is really pathetic, WORST...

  • Ga
      27th of Jun, 2007
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    I purchased a prepaid package from TataIndicomBroadband in Feb at New Delhi - I paid appx 2500 Rs for a 3GB data transfer limit to be used over 6 months. Within the fist month, I had to call the area engineer 5 times to fix connectivity problems.

    After the first month, I had problems every 2nd day. I had to call their cust support and things fixed. After 1 and a half months, there was no service and still there is no service, it has been 3 1/2months since service outage - their customer support ultimately told us that they have problems in the area and hence they cannot provide service anywhere, but they are unable to refund the remaining amount (1400 Rs) ### it is a pre-paid connection. SHAMELESS INDEED...

    I think Tata just experiments on people. Over the last few decades, they have provided nothing but sub-standard products in every sphere of life - automobiles to services.

    Tata is disgusting, I would prefer going to a cyber-cafe instead of using a Tata service.

  • Vs
      28th of Oct, 2007
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    I too had a similar experience with the Tata vsnl. I have been the regular use of this service for the past 1 year. Many a time you will be taken for a ride by getting your link snapped under the pretext of some error or other.I took up this service for my online trading and on many occasions during my trading, all of a sudden the link will go off when a buy or sell order is to be executed to my advantage. By the time when the link is restored either the prices would have gone up or down to my disadvantage. By this way I lost my money considerably. If you approach their customer service over phone you will have to hear some obscure music for minutes together and finally after getting the link you will be asked either to hold the line or to contact after sometime as all of their executives are stated to be busy. Even if you are lucky enough to register your complaint, it will be taken in a casual manner with an assurance that the link will be re stored within 24 hrs. But they will take their own time.Believe me it took them more than12 days just to set right a snapped cable caused by a broken tree branch overhead. There is no accountability in any level of this organization. Whenever a complaint is made you will be driven from pillar to post.Though tall claims are made on their unlimited prepaid packages,you are sure to be on a ride after extracting a considerable amount from you by way of prepaid package. In total their service to the customer is lousy, unpredictable as well UNRELIABLE.

  • Di
      14th of Nov, 2007
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    Just going through lot of blogs with ref to the matters related to the TATA indicom broadband consumers suffering and wanted to create a unified voice for all of us.

    Hence you are requested to provide your vsnl/ tataindicom email id and user id complaint no.

    Please drop me a mail at my email id

  • Je
      30th of Nov, 2007
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    This is all wrong. I am using tataindicom vsnl connection from last two years, upgraded my speeds from 64k now to 512kpbs. I am much satisfied with the way of service attending . As soon as we ledge the complaint th local Fe attends within a hour and rectifies the problem.

    The complaint should be clear when we lodge the complaint.

  • Go
      6th of Feb, 2008
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    I am Gopinath from bangalore and am using tataindicom broadband connection for my cyber center in bangalore and for the last ten days(25th Jan 2008 to 6th feb 2008) i dint have connection. And i had complained almost for eight days and i dint get any responses for my complaints logged with their customer care and i got the connection back only on 6th Feb Evening. Now even i had got the connection back to normal, I had lost my income almost reduced 30% of what i was getting earlier.

    And this is because of the problem what tataindicom had and I had to pay for their mistakes on top of these problems. Can any one of u work with out getting paid, the answer will be No untill it is for some social cause aint it. But here i had to work not only with out getting paid but as well as i have to pay these people with out any income.

    And now I am like almost lost my business reputation as well as my income because of the tataindicom connection and the answer all they have for me is SORRY FOR THE INCONVINIENCES.

    Now am in a situation where i cant even manage my personal problems with out a proper income and definately in another day or 2 the connection will be disconnected as well for non payment.

    There is no justice now a days and like this no one can come up in life, now i have almost lost my hope that i can earn from what i have invested for the past three years (My money, my work, my experience).

    And i dont know how far it is going to help me by pasting such a complaint in this site but all i can do now is to share my problem.

    Thanks to one and all those who read this message.

    Gopinath S

  • Ag
      26th of Feb, 2008
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    Quick Summary of my experience with TATA Indicom broadband @ Chennai.

    TATA Indicom broadband (VSNL) guys lost track of money they took from me.
    Kept blaming about non-payment and started to de-activate my connection without prior notice.
    Remember I am a customer who had been using TATA Indicom broadband for a year now.
    Activated the connection Feb 15th 2007

    If this is how they treat their customer who had been using it for a year, forget those new comers. Will be treated next to piece of ###.

    They have damn good technology in place and BUNCH of IDIOTS to maintain their backoffice operations.

    Another way they cheat customers is by not giving the downtime credit for usage.
    Its like sarkari office... Working or not you still need to pay the full rent.

    Now read my communication to TATA Indicom broadband and their response.
    -agni sharman

    Here is the copy of my communication with TATA Indicom Broadband @

    -Sharman (agni)
    Sharman’s Cab Company

  • Ar
      11th of Mar, 2008
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    I Arivalagan . Want to load a complaint that my broadband connection is not working from 7 th march 2008.. I m a regular user and when i am trying to connect i get error message as "server not found"... If tata will fix it I'll be really thankful.

  • Da
      2nd of Apr, 2008
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    in 2004 one guy comp hardware engg having extreme dream to own a business
    after so many discussion he

    1.plan to start biz internet cafe
    2.he invested 1.5 lakh getting loan to start it
    3.1st he gotta connection touchtel 512 kps download 2 gb
    next i mb each 2 rs
    4.he run net cafe sucessfully he satisfied customers so many start browsing in his cafe
    5.he uploaded gbs of data dat he is unawared even for upload touchtel will charge for upload
    6. even he called daily to see how much data he used per day touchtel says no after completion 1 billl cyling i can see details how much data i used
    7.finally he gotta bill 40, 000
    8. month turnover is 12000 on net cafe
    current bill 4000
    salary 1500
    rent 2000
    other 3000
    marketing 1200
    11700 for exp to run net cafe bill is 40, 000 he got wexed he closed the centre no money to survive family newly married
    without losing hope he dint closed the shutter no the infrastructure by simply paying rent for dat
    9.2005 again he try reopen by investing 40, 000 the centre
    10.this he hopes on Tata he gotta connection 128 kps for 2400 ulimited
    later 256 kps
    11.becoz of very bad service of vsnl (tata) he losed his customer no way to get money no one is there to help him even there is no alternative to get a connection rather than vsnl
    10.he closed his shutter and ready to sell 50, 000 his infrastucture to survive him
    11.he left his dream to become enterprenuship working in engg coll
    salary of 8000 to clear all his loan

  • Ks
      25th of May, 2008
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    we were using tata broad band services and we were giving monthly 500. now I came to know about the pre paid packages .I Regestered my name in the services and my enquiry no is 1576209. kindly provide me the telephone nos of the nearest dealer so that i can get the internet connection and also mail me your email id. presently internet service dealer is very rude .

    Thanking you


  • Sh
      27th of May, 2008
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    Tata Indicom Worst Service in India

    I had this very bad experience with TATA INDICOM BROADBAND.I pay bill online without any delay, and stunned by their value added service emails, I decided to register a domain name.

    Aftet I confirmed it asked for payment and I mentioned to add it in my next billing.Immediatly, the Internet was disconnected. I contacted customer service and they said I have to pay 2400 for Domain name. I said I am ready to pay and I broswed through my online account page to pay the pending. But it said " you have no dues". LIterally, there was no option anywhere in their website to make payment for this service.

    All the emails to customer service of TATA will respond after 3 days only. My internet is down for more than one week now. When I get reply from customer service each time, and to each one of them I have to explain the story from begining and the topic is still hanging on where it was started and even the Nodal Office of Bangalore Region : "Switch off the Mobile"

    I wonder such a reupted company has no proper management of billing and ticket tracking. They display huge hoardings and flood emails with their ads (spams). I suggest dont prefer Tata Indicom Broadband, it'll ruin the peace of mind when you ever want to contact their Customer Service

  • Je
      31st of May, 2008
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    Tata Indicom No. One Worst, Poor Service Provider In India

    I am Stalin from Chennai, I took net connection from TATA but i am really disappointed of their poor service. For six month net connection I have complimented more than 30 times. "Our Technical person is working on that' is the only answer I am getting from them.

    More over When I check my net validatity, they reduced 4 days and I called the customer care regarding this, their answer is "They will consider only 30 days for a month and that is their company rules".

    Every thing is FRAUD, CHEATING Service provider.


  • Pa
      11th of Aug, 2008
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  • Ra
      28th of Aug, 2008
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    The worst internet connection and least botherd about the customers is TATA INDICOM. Instead they can quit from this service. I have not seen this kind of BAD service and BAD customer support in inida.
    All are taken this TATA connection because of the BRAND and now everyone is loosing money and their valuable time. Please dont go for TATA INDICOM internet connection. Also the customercare will close the complatint without informing the customer who raised the complaint. I dont this the higher managment is aware of these kind of issue. MY STRONG SUGGESTION BASED ON MY EXPERIENCE IS . DON'T GO OR YOU WILL BE PUNISHED.


  • Ak
      2nd of Oct, 2008
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    Your Internet services were very irregular and during the month of Sept 2008 due to the reasons to all of us. Pl send the proper tariff bill for the month of Sept 2008 as because I am pre-paid customer/subscriber of your Tata Internet service. Pl deduct the number of days/hours the services were not available to me and send proper bill so that I can pre-pay for Nov 2008 subscription.

    Yours truly -
    D NARASING RAO - cell No.98488 75021

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