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Tataindicom Dsl / Pathetic product, shoddy customer service

1 India

I was a customer of TataIndicom for approximately 8 months however their product - 256kbps (1GB Cap) went from bad to worse within the last 4 months.
First there were frequent disconnections (not due to billing), the reason provided later was that the lines were being cut by dissatisfied/disgruntled Distributors.
Next when the lines were rectified the speed dropped to a pathetic 4KBps (32kbps) ..
I was a heavy user, always exceeding the Cap by at least 500MB! However those last 4 months my usage did not go above 30MB (and thats the total for all 4 months as opposed to 4GB).
Then the billing months were being updated due their system changes and I was charged for proration. I was credited for the days I had complained and not the days I could never use the service and couls not call up as their lines were perpetually swamped!
I am now being pursued for Rs 1500! However the reimbursement / compensation is still pending!
Thats the story of the Product ... Now the Customer Service,
The Agents refuse to transfer the call to the Manager stating that they are always in a meeting. I work for a BPO and I am aware of the escalation procedure! I was hung up on by the Agents and the so-called Supervisors never call back as promised!

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