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I was proactive this year by going on line to purchase a lot of things at Target. On 11/24/2011, I ordered several DVDS on line and received an email stating my shipping informaiton. I waited until after the specified shipping date with no items. I telephoned Target and talked with a representative. I was told to go online to reorder the items and they will honor the original costs. I was having difficulties shipping to a P.O. Box address and I had to call again.

I talked with a representative and she supposedly was going to honor the Black Friday costs for the items. I received an email stating a different cost from which I aggreed upon and was told would be the finaly cost. I had to call again to get it change to the Black Friday costs. I guess I will find out in 48 hours.

On Sunday, August 21, 2011 12:35 PM, I placed a gift order for my brother. You have deducted the funds from my gift cards and have yet to deduct the balance from my bank account. Your company did not have the decency or the professionalism to send out an email informing customers of your behind the scene issues. Moreover, there is no record of my order on the website or via your customer service when I made a call.

There is no history of my order, save the confirmation email and the fact that you have the money from my gift cards–something I could have used to pick up a last minute item had there not been a major screw up by your company. What baffles me is that I am switched to another department when I called in and was on hold for too long of a time. Really why would that be even a suggestion when you have no record of my order according to your phone service rep? Do you really expect to keep your customers that has been affected by this?

Can someone contact me regarding my order and my Gift Card money?! This is absolutely unacceptable! Here it is, more than a week later and no correspondence regarding my order. At the very least an email could have been sent to all in your database apologizing and explaining and compensating for this!


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