On 1/2/17 I placed an order. Delivery date was expected between 1/6-1/11. I checked the Fedex tracking- it indicated the package had been delivered to the Harmar Target on 1/9. I waited to receive a Target email indicating order was ready for pick-up. Never received one. Got another email from indicating that the order is now delayed- how can that be when they received it on the 9th? Expected delivery was now 1/11-1/15. I called on my break at work. She ended up putting me on hold - I couldn't hold any longer. I received an email from after that indicating that the order had been cancelled!!! By whom??? Not me! I called again- to be told that the item was never picked up when it was delivered... What?? I NEVER received an email stating to pick up the order, AND the other email said it was delayed! I was also told it would take 10 days for the gift card to be refunded!!! AND the item is no longer available!! SO disappointing for such a large company.

Jan 14, 2017

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