Target.comapollo the super pup and his racer vehicle

I am very upset bc I went to 3 diffrent targets and called about 10 all over NV. online it is advertised that Apollo and his car can only be purchased in store and there is no other option to buy this set. It is also advertised that it's a target exclusive item.

Apollo and his racer are no where to be found throughout any of the stores I called. I was told that what I am seeing online( number of available item the store has on hand) is not correct bc the item number is the same for all the pups in the paw patrol?! wait what?! this does not make any sense how all the pups share the same item number, I don't understand how the store would be able to keep accurate property accountability. I'm not even sure this is true. all I know is that one little 3 yr old boy was super upset and could not understand why the ba-cuteter (computer, but my son can't say it so it's ba-cuteter) said it was at the store and the money he pulled out of piggy bank would not be getting him Apollo and his racer vehicle.

so explaining this to my son was a catastrophic emotional event, false advertisement can not be explined properly to a 3 yr boy, not even if ur Oprah! if you could please make this availble to purchase online so I can buy it? that would be awesome... or tell me how to get it because target is the only store that is advertising it for 16.99 or 14.99 I can't remeber, but everywhere else only has the pup without the car, and my #1 go too, when I need something I can't get in the stores, amazon wants 46.00 for the set, that is insane...

thank you in advance,


Tammy Joseph, Army Soldier& mom of 2 boys who love paw patrol, and must have Apollo and his racer vehicle

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Jan 31, 2017

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