Target / used gift card, they charged credit card

Bought carpet shampooer with gift cards sent them screenshots of transaction. In fact discovered items in my account I did not order. In fact some sent to house. Store return not honored though within time
During negotiations, target wiped out years of history
Next, target had auto billing. They did not inform members that we had to sign up again. Spoke to supervisor in local store. Happened to her too. I was never late .
I provided proof I used Target gift cards. In end back to square one. I could hear them laughing in background. I called corporate first.
Spent hours looking for screenshots as they were not in correct folder.
Fyi they were hacked. I was a victim. I knew as I saw many items I did not on my account. In fact they were not on my monthly bills after denied return at store called the online dept (waited hour) informed postage paid would be mailed. Never received
I have xxxx large Halloween pants among other items I did not order. Others went to another person. Some were on bill others were not.
They have added finance charges to the shampooer I bought for about 150$. If I had been aware of the absence of auto pay and debit to my credit card, would have returned it rather than prove my point
In fact store credit cards have less protection than bank/credit union, higher interest rate. Avoid.

Jun 01, 2018

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