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On Monday, Nov. 28, 2011 I walked into the Target in Houston, Texas on N Eldridge and FM 1960 with my wife. As my wife and I were shopping, in the mens cologne, makeup dept. The P&L employee Leon was following me everywhere in the store as if I was stealing. I asked him why he was following me around, and he said “I am just doing my job”. As he continued to follow my wife and I around, my wife asked him why, and he replied like a robot, the same thing, “I am just doing my job. I left all my merchandise in the basket and asked for a Mgr.

Another black employee, Teresa the “Mgr”, said he was just doing his job, and she would ask Leon why he was following us. No police where called, because I or my wife were not stealing. We left becasue of the way we were treated. Because of my race, Hispanic, doesn’t mean I have to be treated like a theif. I have never stolen, nor do I have a criminal record. To be treated that way after shopping at that store for years, and spending $ there since day one was very upsetting.

No one should be treated that way, unless you are caught red handed, and Mgrs., should not stick up for the employess unless they are right. I could have swore, the reason places like that stay around is because of my $. I hate to be profiled, and I can’t think, and they cannot justify what they did tonight at the store. They have lost my business. Walmart, I am coming back !

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  • Br
      30th of Apr, 2012

    If they didn't do their job and follow people around they would never catch anybody "red handed". There is no evidence of racial profiling in your complaint.

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  • Th
      1st of May, 2012

    Savvy consumers avoid Target. You should too.

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  • Th
      1st of May, 2012

    Bad things should never happen to minorities. When they do, it's clearly racism. Being caucasian myself, I have never been a victim of poor customer service or had anyone follow me around a store. The red carpet is thrown out for me as soon as I enter the building.

    Seriously though, do you have anything more than your own assumptions to prove the actions of the employee were a result of your race?

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