Target / online ordering

FL, United States

I live in the Florida keys and if you know anything about the keys there is no shopping! So I ordered a duvet and set of curtains online threw target using PayPal as my check out method to save time! Well the curtain arrives 3 weeks later and it's only 1, not a huge surprise but online it states 2 panels! So I call costumer service long story short I was on the phone for 2 hours!! Not exaturating! First w some kid after 1 hour 20 min asked to be transferd to a manager, 1 she had no idea about the previous 90 minute conversation, and turns out I was transferred to someone in the phillippins!!! Put on hold again transferred back to the us only to haft to pay $27 for another panel which was not on sale anymore and did not qualify for free shipping!!!

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