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Target - Great Falls, MT / poor customer service - berta

1 United States

Yesterday evening I was standing in line next up to be checked out, Berta, the "front end supervisor" rudely stepped in front of me to shut off the light of the checker, telling me I was going to HAVE to move to the line next over because SHE was sending the young man for a carry out.

I said to her that I was next to be checked out and that other line had a line, she then repeated LOUDER to me that I would HAVE to go to the other line.
Now, let me give you what she should have said:
Two options:
Either wait for me to be checked out and then send the young man out, OR ASK me to move over instead of basically moving me out of the way and TELLING me I need to move. OR maybe SHE could have rolled the cart out to the car for the customer herself since all of the checkers were busy.
Ok, so now i'm irritated with her. This is not the first time she has overstepped her boundaries. I guess Target has a policy about children and carts...I completely understand IF it is a problem with some customers to ask the parent politely to seat their child. I WAS STANDING STILL IN LINE and SHE asked my CHILD to sit down!!!!!!!!!! Don't we teach our children NOT to talk to strangers.. Speak to the parent NOT the child.
Ok, now let me finish last nite...
After that Berta finds a credit card on the floor... she with INCREDIBLE RUDENESS asks my name??? I may have overreacted BUT she has already torked me off with the bossiness of moving me to a different line.. so I asked her not to speak to me.
She of course carried on her way VERY much into ME and what I was doing, her presence is just rude, she is snotty and absurd about the way she does things, and should NOT be treating customers this finalize things as I was walking out the door she was grumbling about me and said to me (very very loudly) I AM JUST DOING MY JOB! I did tell her she was snotty, and she TURNED around and told me I WAS WORSE!! Now, maybe true, but I am the customer and she had already stepped on my toes, SHE needed either to keep her mouth shut or take care of the situation VERY differently.
The cashier that was helping me ACTUALLY leaned over to make SURE that I got a comment card, WITHOUT EVEN HAVING TO ASK HIM. He actually said to me when I said that she needed to work on her politeness and she took her job a "bit" too seriously that he was not allowed to comment! HE EVEN KNEW SHE WAS IN THE WRONG!!!! Berta needs some more training or maybe to be moved to a different department like the stock room, where she doesn't have to treat the customers with her frustration.


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