Targetforced me to take a gift cards (320$!!!) instead of returning to my personal card

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I asked them to look at Asus eeePC laptop (gift for my wife) and was told that they can't open it and I free to take it, check at home and return back if it's not suitable for me. I payed with 50$ Target gift card, 50$ regular visa card and rest with my personal credit card. Attention!!! Seller took 50$ visa card and didn't return it to me after payment. (now I understand that this is a their dirty plan actually and according to rules they HAVE to return it back to customer). Laptop appeared a too slow and screen quality was a very bad for eyes. We decided to return it back and were told that we can get back only 320$ as a gift cards, or to get back all the funds as it was before we need a visa card which they took before!!! (i was lied that they need to take such cards because send them to somewhere, but on visa gift site I found that they strongly recommend keep the card after payment). So, I was pressed to take a 1 gift card for 300$ and one small gift card with 20$. I said them that it look like a cheating, but they hid their eyes from me. They understand that it's not enough fund to start a lawsuit and probably this rules are provided from top managment, otherwise I don't see a reasons to don't return visa gift card to customer (saying we need to send them to somewhere). As conclusion - I have read another complaints and can advise people - Never buy Target gift cards - this is a root of evil if your frends will buy something and then decide to return it, in that case they, like me, can lost more that you presented to them. I said "lost like me", it because I am in a bussiness trip in Colorado and so I probably don't have enough time to spend such, lol, "gifts" in smart way. By old Russian tradition, probably will buy a vodka on New Year and will treat my American friends. Shame on you, Target staff, you are doing in not American way. God bless America.

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      Feb 15, 2009

    I think Target has a return policy that is clearly stated in their stores. I believe you have 60 or 90 days to return something, but when you do return something, they give you store credit in the form of a gift card.

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