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I have a great credit score and pride myself on paying my bills on time. However, after being harassed each time I check out at Target, I finally applied for a Target debit card to save the 5% per transaction. Imagine my embarrasment to be told I'd been denied. I immediately called, got passed from Target customer service to their credit agency and back, and finally was told I was denied because of my check writing history at Target. NOT my overall check writing history, but only that of Target history. Firstly, who writes checks at retail establishments anymore? Secondly, their "fine print" states that the credit agency also checks overall check writing history. Sorry, but that is BULL. I believe that Target does not want customers to save 5% each time. They would rather have folks apply for a credit card and carry revolving debt so that they can make even more money. What's wrong with them? With so many Americans over their head in debt and struggling to make ends meet, I disagree with that strategy. I say "Walmart, here I come"!


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      15th of Aug, 2012

    I agree. The same thing happened to me. I tried 3 times to use my Target card and it was declined and I had to use my regular debit card each time. I have a flawless credit report. I even called Certegy, the company used by Target to verify fund availability and credit history, and they verified there was no reason for my transactions to be declined. When I spoke directly to Target, the rep told me I had to establish a check writing history with them by spending less than $100 per transaction for a few months. Afterward, they would trust me to use my card for bigger transactions. The primary problem with my declined transactions was that each was nearly or over $300. This is normal for me as I grocery shop for 2 weeks at a time. I spend about $10, 000 a year at Target and have for years, but now I can't be trusted to spend over $100 because the company chose not to use the information they pay Certegy to provide. I cancelled the card. There was no point in my keeping an account open on something I couldn't use.

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