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Do Not register at Target!! I registered with Target Baby a few months ago and have had nothing but headaches. Their website is a disaster and crashes every day. Items go out of stock almost as soon as you put them on making it impossible for your friends and family to purchase items off your registry. Nearly 70% of what we registered for a month ago are now out of stock! Customer service is a nightmare and they put you on hold for over an hour only to disconnect you at the end. We’ve had gifts sent to us off our registry with no packing slips or information about who sent these items.

I have to ask around to all family and friends and do my own detective work to find out who sent me these gifts. Not a single person at my Target store or can tell me who sent these gifts. How absurd is that?? They were shipped from the Target warehouse and they cannot identify who purchased the item. Save yourself time and hassle and register at Babies R Us!

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  • Mo
      31st of Jul, 2012

    I completely agree - Think twice before registering (baby) at Target! We received 4 different gifts in the email - not knowing who they were from until the last box arrived with the note on it from who sent it. We were then able to match up the order numbers to ensure it came from the same person. I just called customer service because the Pack n Play we registered for is STILL out of stock. All I was requesting from them is a friendly email saying when my item is in stock. She said she would fill out a form and send it to the right department. She nor her supervisor (who wouldn't even talk to me) didn't know the process or when I'd receive an email. You can't just wait for things like these when you have a baby due right around the corner! All she would say is just check back on your registry. Well I would if I worked in front of my computer everyday! Other places have it in stock. And Babies R Us even sends you an email when it comes in stock! Target could have made the situation better if they would have given me cash for the gift cards I received. But Target is unwilling to give us cash for those. Go figure. Register at Babies R Us...and put those 20% off coupons to good use!

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  • Th
      20th of Sep, 2012

    We did a wedding registry and there and so many items went out of stock almost as soon as we put them on there. The gun that you use in the store to scan items you want broke three times while we were making our registry. During the next 2 months, we got many gifts in the mail, but none said anything about who they were from. We called Target to find out who sent them, and they said they could only tell us with things ordered online. Well, all of the items were ordered online, and yet they still could not tell us who purchased them. The person we spoke to on the phone seemed to know nothing about how it worked and put us on hold endless times asking other people how to find the information we requested, and in the end said there was no way to gather that information. Now we are stuck with the job of trying to figure out who sent us about 10 presents. Thanks a lot Target. What a waste of time. We also made a registry with and they were great. Most items had free shipping for our guests, (we had an out of town wedding). Not only that, but they have an automatic thank you list generated with the names and address of the people who sent the gift, in addition to a picture of the gift. You can't go wrong with Amazon, they made it such a breeze. I regret ever going to Target for my wedding registry.

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