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Saw an incident at the Prince Georges Target in 3500 East-West Hwy #1200, Hyattsville, MD 20782 Hyattsville, MD at PG Mall today at the CAFE Stand at around 8:10 pm. While at Target, works walked back to the back room of the CAFE some couple of teenagers stole lots of food and Nothing was done about it. Works at target did not even realized food was missing from the Pizza hut stand or from any of the displays. I think there should be way more security and also they should have security cameras and security workers looking at these type of activities. That is why this target is very bad because this location permits those kinds of crime. Target will be losing a lot of money if this continues to happen. I think this location should be closed because stealing is happen more often then you think. See the security videos and see to it that these criminals will not do it again. These kids seem like they been stealing from target for a while because they know no security is doing nothing to stop them.


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      Nov 29, 2017

    Unless you are an employee of this Target or have somehow been personally victimized by the theft issues, it really isn't any of your concern. At most what you can do is tell an employee if you see something happening while you are present. There are limitations when it comes to confronting thieves and the store may not have the financial resources to hire more security.

    "These kids seem like they been stealing from target for a while"
    I hope you personally have physical proof or evidence of this claim that you are making.

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