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Target Brands / service

1 Naples, FL, United States

Target is a great store to shop but sometime the employees working really gives a hard time. I went to one of the naples location to exchange the pack of diapers and the employee at customer service was really good at first, she also helped me in finding the nursery baby water. The employee in the baby section was very good as she brought 4 packs of water from back as they only had one in the isle. Everything was working great and when I went back to customer service with a new diaper packet the employee there told me that's it's a same pack, so I said yes it's size two but different print, and she was like what???. She did not say anything but her facial expression were like really???. Then I had 5 gallons of baby water and I just asked the plastic bag for that as I had sparain in my hand and with a plastic bag it would be easier to carry 5 gallons on water and plus the other stuff that I purchased. But but asking for a plastic bag changed her facial expression to just like plasticccc bag for water!??? Really??? She did not say anything but after noticing her reaction I was being polite and I said sorry for giving you trouble but it will be easier for me to carry in plastic bag, so I am sorry. And guess what I got no reply from her. She continued with the same expression just nodding her horizontally without uttering any single word. She handed me the receipt and that's it. No greeting, nothing such it's ok that's fine. I think she thought asking a plastic bag was like I am asking everything I bought for free. I also do customer service job and this is not the way we are taught.

She said nothing so I cannot complaint that she was rude to me but yes her facial expression were really rude as they were noticed by other customers standing in line as they all were watching me like I am asking something for free.

This was the worst experience I ever had in any store.

Jul 17, 2018

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