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Target Brands / human resources discriminates and corporate doesn't want to do anything but let them

1 Kansas City, MO, United States
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I recently applied at the Target store in Ward Parkway in Kansas City, MO when I saw a large banner posted on the building. I received a call from Victoria the next day, but despite repeated attempts to contact her was ignored once she heard my voice and realized I was not a teenager. A few weeks later I received a call from Mara telling me they were having a job fair, but when I got there I was told that as of that day they were only hiring for seasonal, but was hired on the spot. However when I went back to receive my job offer from Victoria she turned nasty. While the others were told welcome and that they could possibly stay on permanently, I was told I had to fill out my background check in 24 hours or be barred for 90 days, that once the season ended so did my job, and that I had to obtain a liquor license within 45 days. When I tried to read the information she told me to hurry up, it said what she had just told me and then grabbed it out of my hand. I used the computer in the store to fill out the tax and background check so I would meet the 24 hour deadline, but it only acknowledged receiving certain information and said there was a problem with the submission. When I tried to redo it, the background check was listed as completed. I went to tell someone to avoid the 90 day delay, but unfortunately Victoria had taken over the main interviews and after rolling her eyes said they would deal with it and to leave her alone. As a result of being hired I turned down another seasonal position in the shopping center that I was offered the next day.
I had been scheduled for an orientation on 10/2/18 but received a call from Victoria on 9/30 telling me my orientation had to be rescheduled but would not tell me why. I rescheduled for 10/16 due to a busy week ahead at my full time job, but did take off early on 10/11 losing 3 hours pay to obtain the liquor license. On my way into work I tried to drop by the store so they could make a photocopy since I had been told to obtain it within 45 days. The person at guest services called HR to find out what to do, and Victoria claimed she had never heard of me, why was I doing this, did they even offer me a job, etc. (she did not know she was on a speaker phone and I could hear everything). She finally told him to tell me to bring it with me to orientation and I told the person at guest services and left. A few hours later someone from Target called to tell me not to bother coming in at all since I could not follow simple directions. It had to be a Target employee since they only they and I knew I had obtained the license, tried to drop it off and when my orientation date was. I called back and told them I had received their message, but had never been told not to bring it in, only that I had to obtain it in 45 days. I tried to contact the other job but it had been filled as had most of the jobs I could get to from my other job in the 3 weeks since I had been hired.
After some delays I contacted the HROC department who flat out told me they let the local HR departments do what they want and don't get involved. I filed a complaint with the integrity hotline, and after they ignored my requests to call me on my cell phone if they wanted to talk, finally did so after I requested another person to handle the matter. She then told me that the HR at Ward Parkway claimed I had called in and said I didn't want the job, Victoria and the rest were never abusive to employees, and that when I had dropped by with the liquor license that Mara had actually gone out to the desk to meet with me, all of which are complete lies. When I denied them and then asked her why I would lose $50 in pay and $40 for the liquor license and then call myself and in a female voice tell me not to come in anymore she confirmed that I just wanted to do the seasonal job since it was the only one left with any number of hours within range of where I worked. She called me back later and said they had decided not to go on with the hiring process, though she would not say why, only stating they did not interfere with anything the local HRs did, even if discriminatory or illegal. She again asked me for the voicemails about the rescheduling and cancellation of the position. Originally the Ward Parkway HR had denied either had happened, then later admitted to the rescheduling and that I had not said not to contact me, merely that I didn't know if there was anything else to talk about. She also said I had signed an addendum saying I could have stayed on and therefore Victoria singling me out in the hiring room as not eligible was perfectly OK. I cannot find anything with that language and assume it must be the sheet she did not want me to read and grabbed out my hand. The good news is I never worked there, the bad news is I had someone I know call to get a reference, and even though I never even went to orientation, they are supposed to refer it to the HROC, and my only offense was obtaining my liquor license and turning it as told, I have been blackballed while the lying cheats in HR keep going under corporate's protection.

Oct 27, 2018

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