Target Brandscustomer service/mishandling of a situation

Target - Oak Creek, WI
Time: Approximately between 2 & 2:30
Associate: Raj Manager: Did not get his name
Lane #11

I had purchased 2 pairs of items which were $5 Gift Card Eligible each. After the associate scanned the first 2 items, he handed me Gift Card. I noticed it said "Happy Birthday" as opposed to the Target logo you usually receive. I questioned if this was the right one. He said yes. After scanning the other 2 eligible items, he gave me another card with a different design. I again questioned if these were the correct cards. He said yes. I put them in my wallet, still wondering why I received these, thinking maybe they were using different cards now. When he was done scanning my items, I pulled the cards out of my wallet again, wondering if he gave me the correct thing. He said, "Do you want to use those?" I questioned if I could, since you usually have to wait for a different transaction. He said yes. I thought maybe the policy had changed, but it seemed strange. So I gave him the cards, and he said "They don't work. There is no money on them." I told him they were the ones he had just given me. He said, no, I already had them in my wallet, which I did not. I said that I though he gave me the cards in error, and not the $5 cards he should have, and he denied this. I said, "Sir, I think you made a mistake." Our discussion became heated and another associate called the manager. When I tried to explain what happened, the manager denied that Raj could have given me the wrong cards since they do not keep these in the register. However, I was thinking he could have gotten them from somewhere, and either purposely given them to me or gave them to me by mistake. The point is, I never received the correct cards.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Oak Creek, WIThe manager said they would have to check the security cameras. He came back with a security person, essentially telling me Raj gave me cards which I put in my wallet. True, but they were the wrong cards. The manager and security refused to believe me. At this point, people are staring and I am feeling like a criminal, not a customer. He told me I could check the cameras myself, but the cameras don't lie. I said that I had put the cards in my wallet, after Raj said they were the right ones, but in essence they were not. On the monitor, I saw that Raj had scanned 2 $5 gift cards, but they were not in my possession. In retrospect, I should have emptied my purse right there, but I was so rattled, I could not think at this point. I am a regular customer of this store, a teacher, a mother of 2, and and upstanding and well-known citizen in our community. I have never been treated so poorly or been so embarrassed. To make a point that i was not trying to get additional cards, I said to take off 1 each of the eligible items. I still received a $5 card after they re-scanned by items. But this is not about the money. It is about the poor treatment of a regular, honest Target customer. The manager was very rude and non apologetic. I am looking only for an apology and for someone to look into the actions today and other actions of these 2 employees. I cannot say for sure, but something "not right" appeared to be going on with these Gift Cards on the part of the associate. Or maybe he made an honest mistake, maybe scanning them, putting them back in the drawer and grabbing wrong cards? I do not know, and this is not for me to say. But 2.5 hours after this incident, I am still rattled and upset that my couple of hours to myself on Mother's Day were tainted this way.53154

May 14, 2017

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