Talbots / ctn blend autumn f [protected]

United States

I tried to purchase this item on Friday, Oct. 20 because the sign on the rack indicated it was 30% off. On checking out, I was told it was not discounted but they would hold it and I could return Monday (today) and it would be 30% off. After purchasing it today and being told it was 30% off. When I checked my receipt at home, I realized I was charged full price. I called the store and was told I had to purchase it with a Talbots card to get the discount (no clerk had mentioned this). I will return the item.
I would be glad to apply for the card, but I see no reason to give my social security number to get this. I have been advised that retailers have no reason to ask for this.
This experience has made me aware that your clerks need to be better trained.
This transaction was made at the Eastchase Talbots store in Montgomery, Alabama.

Oct 23, 2017

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