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Ordered on 28 feb, All in stock items -
Delivery due 6 March according to when I placed the order.
By 6 March there were zero tracking updates. I emailed and message on Facebook only to get the same robotic responses. After complaining about the fact that my order was supposed to be delivered today and id been waiting at home most of today already, suddenly the tracking data changed to say delivery was only due 7 March. Luckily I took a screen shot of the original tracking post. Disgusted with service as well as there underhanded and sly editing of the expected arrival date. 8days for in stock courier items is ridiculous!

Mar 06, 2018
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  • Al
      Mar 06, 2018

    Dont worry, i had a very similar experience, where o had purchased 2 in stock items same night, and the main purchase, an emergency cell phone i needed to replace mine, i was promised AFTER PAYMENT, which was the first of the 2 orders as well, a delivery date of 2 days later.

    The second screen protector i ordered later after the site had an OUT OF STOCK screen protector as an add on, and only after i had paid for my order was the IN STOCK screen protector even displayed. Well unlike the first order, after payment i received an SMS, when the courier picked up this item i was SMSed, on delivery day i was SMSed, and after it was delivered i was SMSed.

    My phone after the protector was delivered in fact had not even been picked or confirmed, yet since i did this all late at night, since the payments were both taken, and since it is an AUTOMATED system, there was something wrong, i complained and was promised the next day, and i got nothing. On Monday it was finally PICKED but since i had to wait for Friday, Saturday (i was supposed to work after missing Friday) and then Monday, only being told a DELIVERY DATE OF WEDNESDAY, which is in fact against TAKEALOTS own TOC, i had lost Friday, Saturday, Monday and Wednesday of my life, had no phone, had been lied to about Saturday and Monday delivery, and was even given a delivery date 2 weeks after order, yet i could still place an IN STOCK ORDER on that MONDAY.

    The real side of it all was, they started A PROMO on the Friday after i had it delivered, on this XIAOMI REDMI 4a, which i am pretty sure, due to a PROMO, they would keep all add on's for a not very well known device, WITH THE DEVICE, as it would be illogical to separate 2 low sold items, that would only really be SOLD TOGETHER.

    I have asked / sent 4 requests for the reason for the delay, when i was told by the shop there was stock, by TAKEALOT there was stock, and even that there was stock almost a week later.

    DISGUSTING support and ANC ethics well done TAKEALOT.

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