Taco Bellunprofessional behavior

R Nov 14, 2017

My girlfriend and I went to the 3302 East Main Street, Richmond, Indiana Taco Bell last night (11/13/2017) some time between 9:30-10:00 PM. We went through the drive- thru, having to repeat our order numerous times due to all of the laughter over the intercom, to find our order dumped into our bag a complete mess. We ordered box meals and they were all dumped into the bag, food spilling out, and no boxes.

My girlfriend went inside to get the issue resolved. Inside, the on-shift supervisor, Cody Black, came up and asked what the problem was. My girlfriend told him, and he replied that "we're all human here and people are allowed to laugh". So my girlfriend asked for his manager's number. He said, "we're a franchise, I don't have a manager". So she asked for the owner's number, but he refused, telling her to just "Google it".

So after hearing that, I went in. I asked for the manager. When he came to the counter, I told him that my girlfriend just came in and asked for his supervisor's name and he told her to Google it. I told him I want his owner's number. He refused. His employees were watching and began giggling. I pointed at them and told him that was why I had to repeat myself over and over. He said, "it happens".

I demanded his supervisor's name again, and again he refused, then saying I was loitering and that he'd call the cops if I didn't leave, pulling out his cell phone and pretending to dial. I told him to call them, that he didn't understand what 'loitering' meant because I'm a paying customer seeking a supervisor's name.

He began walking away to the back, so I demanded a name again. He threatened to call the cops two more times, saying I was trespassing. I told him to go ahead and asked him, "This is a franchise, right?" He said yes. I asked if he owned it. He replied, "Do you think I would @#$%ing work here if I did?" At this point my girlfriend begged me to just go, so we did. This is hands down the most unprofessional experience I've ever experienced at any place of business. Not once did I use profanity or threaten him or the staff in any way, yet was treated like a criminal for asking for the restaurant's manager or owner.

I just wanted to make you aware of Cody, a supervisor at the East Side Taco Bell, and his complete lack of respect or dignity whatsoever. I posted this story to a Facebook group for our area and have read that this person has been reported for similar behavior numerous times, but to no avail. I have also spoken to another person with his position at this same location that has told me the same. If possible, I would like to know who to contact to report this incident properly, as no supervisors, managers, or owners were ever named for me to do so.

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